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Product Portfolio

We are a prominent manufacturer and exporter of high quality products like:

Strapping Machines

Pneumatic Strapping Tool For PET Strip

Manual Strapping Tool for MS Strip

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine SPS 207

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Low Table Top SP

Fully Semi Automatic Strapping Machine SPS 0860 AS2B

Manual Strapping Tool For PP Strip

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine SPS 306

Manual Strapping Tool for PET Strip

Sealing Machine

Foot Sealer 500 SPS Hot Bar Type

Hand Sealer 300 SPS Impulse Type

Movable Sealer - 750 SPS Impulse Type

Bread Sealer Machine

Hand Sealer - 500 SPS Hot Bar Type

Pneumatic Sealer 750 SPS Impulse Type

Foot Sealer 300 SPS Impulse Type

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Heat Gun

Shrink Tunnel SPS 4525

Web Sealer SPSWS 4216

L-Sealer Manual

L-Sealer - Conveyor SPS 5045

Carton Sealer

Chamber Type Shrink Machine

L-Sealer with Tunnel SPS 4525

Tapping Machine

Shrink Tunnel SPS 2012

Vacuum Packing Machine

Single Chamber Vacuum Packager

Double Chamber DZQ 600 Vacuum Packaging Machine

Manual Vacuum Packing Machine

Filling Machine

Liquid Filling Machine

Automatic Filling Machine - SPS 104 Pneumatic Type

Induction Sealer SPSIS 1500

Paste Filling Machine SPS 103 Pneumatic Type

Double Nozzle Filling Machine SPS 2012

Conveyor Induction Sealer SPSIS 1500

Packaging Material

Shrink Label Stickers

Vacuum Pouch

PP Sutli

PP Strip Manual Grade

Silver Pouch

Fiber Glass Aluminum Coated

PP Strip Machine Grade Eco

Leno Bags

Corrugates Roll

PET Strip

Leno PP Bags

EP Foam Sheet

MS Strip

Stretch Film

Vegetable/Fruit Net

Clip For PP Strap


PP Thread

PVC Shrink Film Tube Foam

Tape Dispenser

Shrink Label

LD Shrink Film

Air Bubble Sheets

Edge Protector

PVC Pouches And Pouches For Bottle

PP Strip Machine Grade Virgin Transparent

Wooden Pallet

PVC Pouches

Clip for PET Strap

Eva Foam

Polyolefin Shrink Film Note-Centre Ford

Clip for MS Strap


Aluminium Foil For Hdpe Jar

Induction Wads For HDPE Jar

Tape Roll for Bread Sealer

Aluminium Foil For Pet Jar

Plastic Jars

Material Handling Equipment

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

Semi Electric Stacker

Flexible Conveyor

Hydraulic High Lift Pallet Truck

Drum Stacker and Tilter

Belt Type Conveyor

Drum Pallet Truck

Hydraulic Hand Table Truck

Hydraulic Reel Pallet Truck

Hydraulic Hand Stacker

Batch Coding Machine and Equipment

Handy Coder

High Speed Batch Coding Machine HSLC 200 For Labels

Ink Aid - Specially Formulated Solvent

Motorized Coding Machine EMCC

ERCC Printer

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Hand Batch Coding

Jet Printer

Ink Roller

High Speed Batch Coding Machine

Printing Conveyor Con 3015

Hot Ink Roller

Ink Jet Printer

Batch Printing Ink

Rubber Stereo Flat

Plastic Products

Square Shape Plastic Bottles

Star Bottles

Dom Bottle

Triangular Bottles

Triangular Bottles

Plastic Jar

Pesticide Bottles

Camel Bottles

Spare Parts

Ptfe Tape

Motor 230 Volts

Electric Clutch Coil

Chrome Barring Roller

Hot Foil Ribbon

Adjusting Block

Chain Shaft

Side Rail Cap


Brass Corner

Rotor A 24

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Guide Plate Spring

Guide Roller

Ink Roller


Base Sponge

Carbon Brush

Cone Point

Heating Sensor

Feed Dog Carrier Black and Slide

Sealing Machine Spare Parts

Element Holder







Limit Switch

Toggle Switch

Band Sealer Spare Parts

Yellow Silicon Wheel

Gear Set

DC Motor Armature

Rubber Roller


Shaft Block, Square Bearing Seat

Chrome Roller / Driving Roller

Relay Base

Driving Wheel Shaft 80mm

Chrome Barring Roller / Drive Roller

Speed POT / Potentiometer

Shaft 3 90mm

Knurling Roller

Heater Heating Tube

Shaft 4

PVC Chain Roller

Cooling Block

Shaft 5

Chain Shaft

Heating Block

Chain 24 Block

Rear Conveyor Roller

Big Switch

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Roller - Belt Type

Small Switch

V Belt

Conveyor Roller

Emergency Switch

Blower Cooling Fan

Adjustment Block for Impression Roller

Temperature Controller


Adjusting Block


Nylon/Timing Belt

Middle Gear

Motor Joint / Coupling

Thermocouple Wire

Motor Cap

Strapping Machine Spare Parts

Exide Guide


Reset Switch

K-19 Belt


Push Switch

M-30 Belt

End Griper

Steel Roller

Round Belt



Electric Clutch Coil

On/Off Switch

Heating Cable

Solenoid Coil

Micro Switch

Heating Blade

Pot 470k


Heating Holder

Break Rubber


Separating Plate Complete Set

Shrink Wrapping Machine Spare Parts




Heating Sensor

Limit Switch

Timing Controller

Cemented Road

Blower Motor

Temperature Controller

Brass Corner


Rotary Switch

Brass Limit Holder

Terminal Block

Silicon Wire

Band Sealing Machine

Horizontal Sealer

Vertical Sealer 10 Kg

Double Side Band Sealer

Vertical Sealer

Induction Sealer

Hand Induction Sealer

Induction Sealer SPSIS 1500

Conveyor Induction Sealer SPSIS 1500

PVC Strip curtain

PVC Strip Door Curtain

Freezer PVC Strip Freezer Curtain

Anti Insect PVC Curtain

Weld Screen PVC Welding Curtain

Vacuum Machine Spare Parts



Vacuum Rubber

Pump and Motor

Tray and Cup Sealer

Cup Sealer

Tray Sealer

Meal Tray Sealer SPTS 300

Automatic Pouch Packing Machine

Pouch Packing Machine SPS 1000 For Oil

Pouch Packing Machine SPLP 1000 For Water

Pouch Packing Machine SPGP 1000 For Powder / Granules

Stretch Wrapping Machine

Box Stretch Wrapping Machine SPSBW 600

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine SPSBW 600

Cap Closing Machine

Plastic Cap Closing SPS 40P

Foil Sealer

Jar Sealing Spare Parts



Bag Closing Machine

Single Thread Dadr

Our Team

Our staff is well acquainted with current technology as well as skills required for manufacturing process. We conduct training sessions on a regular basis to keep our professionals updated with changes and developments in the marketplace. Besides, our quality analysts keep an eye on all processes to eliminate any chances of flaw or damages in quality of products. Moreover, our dedicated sales and marketing personnel helps in effective promotion of products and improvement in sales.

Our team of experts comprises:

  • Production engineers
  • Technicians
  • Quality inspectors
  • Research and development personnel
  • Machine operators
  • Sales and marketing agents

R & D Department

It is handled by expert staff including researchers who help us in incorporating improvements in our existing range and bringing new ones. Also, they help us in developing techniques to reduce production costs and enhance productivity. Our unit is outfitted with latest facilities to carry with allied research work.

Some of the factors on the basis of which our research programs are carried are:

  • Raw material
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Technology used
  • Manufacturing process
  • Designs

Quality Assurance

To ensure our products are of excellent quality, we have developed a quality control wing wherein all the products undergo various tests and procedures. Our quality auditors monitor the processes including procurement, manufacturing etc to ensure quality output.
Some of the parameters which are considered are:

  • Robustness
  • Performance
  • Calibration
  • Power consumption

Client Satisfaction

To live up to our client's expectations, we seek to manufacture durable and performance driven products for our clients. In addition to this, we also accept multiple payment options such as credit card, cash, cheque, DD and pay order. Further, fair business dealings and ethical business practices have earned us wide clientele in like Indian Subcontinent, East Asia, Middle East and South East Asia.

Why Us?

We are considered as one of the most trusted organizations for quality products and client oriented policies. We have the competence to understand our clients requirements and develop products as per their expectations.

Some of the other reasons that have made us the most preferred partner of our clients are as follows:

  • Innovative and customized services
  • Technological expertise
  • Timely delivery
  • Vast experience
  • Highly skilled and qualified professionals
  • Cost-effective prices