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Pouch Packing Machine

Product Image (SPGP 1000)

Automatic Pouch Packing Machine

Price: 180000.00 INR

We are offering Powder/ Granules Pouch Packing Machine (?Pouch Packing Machine?) that is one of the fully automated machinery. These machines have widespread application for packaging of Granules Spices - Ground Chilly, Haldi, dhaniya, Garam Masala. Powders - ORS, Glucose, Washing/Milk Powder, Baby food, Mehandi, Neel. Liquid - Coconut/Edible Oil, Tomato Catch up, Shampoo.

Product Image (SPLP 1000)

Water Pouch Packing Machine

Price: 400000.0 INR

Liquid packaging machine can complete the whole process of film sterilization with ultraviolet radiation, date printing, rationed sealing & cutting automatically as a continuous action. The finished package is beautiful and secure.

Product Image (SPS 1000)

Oil Pouch Packing Machine

Price: 450000.00 INR

"Drive: The Drive is through a single phase motor and a reduction Gear Box, chain Sprocket Drives and Main cam shaft. As well as Cam Box the mechanical cam fitted on this shaft controls the Jaws movements and film fee, the Electrical cam switches bank driven by this shaft controls sealing, cooling, and film feed duration. Forming of the Film Tube: The Heat Sealable film roll is mounted at the rear side of the machine, on the suitable rollers, secured by tapered Supports the film layers, in front of a ultra violet sterilization tube before it is engaged in the forming device. The specially designed former convert this layer into a tube. Vertical Seal: When film tubes comes out of forming device centrally by A vertical electrode fitted on holder fixed on vertical Press or Jaw which is moved forward by a cam on the Drive shaft. This is an impulse Heated Electrode, cooled by circulation of cold water through an opening in the Holder. The formed film tube surrounds the injection or Filling tube through which the product to be filled flows in the film tube. Down Feed: Vertically centre sealed film tube is pulled down by the Nip Roller controlled by clutch break, pair of bevel Gears and chains. Horizontal Seal: By horizontal seal, the sachets are sealed and separated from one another by the sealing electrodes while the Jaws are closed. The OIL from the main tank placed near the machine is pumped to the top inlet of the injection pipe and the film tube surrounding the injection pipe is filled with the liquid. The pump is specially designed and speed of the pump motor is adjustable with the help of another inverter called pump inverter. The speed of the pump motor is adjusted to suite the speed of the Machine and Quantity of Liquid to be packed. "